" Crimson Room are always my first option when planning a launch, in-store promotion or event. "
Justine Lee - Puma Fragrance Brand Manager (SA)

"The logistics were literally seamless, Crimson Room covered every detail from the biggest, to the smallest with such incredible attention to detail and care."
Jenny Griesel Brand Manager: Givenchy

"Crimson Room`s level of input and attention to detail has been nothing short of extraordinary. Dedication and professionalism is definitely something that they take pride in."
Christina Brickbhahan, Events & Sponsorship Manager, Edgars Marketing

Welcome to the world of Crimson Room. A world of energy, passion and creative solutions.

At Crimson Room we focus all our attention on your promotion,marketing and event management requirements.

We understand better than anyone that in this frenetic media environment it is increasingly hard to get your voice heard. Allow us to give your brand the loudest most memorable voice available!

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